Get comfortable

Seat Options

  • Integrated Seat, standard in Stability Series kayaks
    Same colour as deck, no charge. Upgrade to clear-coated carbon $60
  • Full-Bucket Seat, clear-coated carbon or same colour as deck
    Standard in N2, Gyro and Evo; no charge. Upgrade for Stability Series Kayaks $90. Replacement seats $190 plus P+P
  • Half-Bucket Seat, clear-coated carbon or same colour as deck
    Option in N2, Gyro and Evo; no charge. Upgrade for Stability Series Kayaks $90
  • Pan Seat, clear-coated carbon with stripe along center (same colour as deck)
    Optional extra for Gyro and Evo $220 including attachment of mounting bolt
  • Bumfortable Seat
    Standard in Voyager models; no charge. Option in all racing kayaks $100. Replacement seats $199.95 plus P+P
  • Pod Seat, clear-coated carbon or same colour as deck
    Standard in Nordkapp, Arctic Raider and Southern Light; no charge.

From $0.00 NZD

Stability Series racing kayaks (Reliance, Argo) come standard with an Integrated Seat which is a one-size-fits-all option that allows easy access to the rear of the kayak and no bolt heads to potentially rub against the hips.  The integrated seat seems to work fine for the majority of paddlers and is the best option for wider rear-ends but is not an uber-plush option, particularly for narrower bottoms.  You can upgrade to a Half-Bucket or Full-Bucket seat for $90, in your choice of either in clear-coated carbon or in the same colour as the deck of your kayak.

The N2, Gyro and Evo kayaks come standard with a Full-Bucket seat, in your choice of clear-coated carbon or the same colour as the deck of the kayak.  Note that the narrower the kayak, the narrower the hip width of the seat, unless we raise the height of the seat but be aware that this affects stability.  The Full-Bucket seat seems to be very comfortable for about 4 out of 5 paddlers and the few paddlers who experience discomfort with the Full-Bucket Seat seem to have joy with the Half-bucket Seat, tilted at a backward angle.

The Gyro and Evo range of kayaks all have the additional option of a pan seat.  A pan seat is excellent if you're doing a lot of flat-water training of about 1.5 hours or less and you want to achieve maximum rotation through the hips and train yourself to hold your body upright from the hips.  The pan seat is also easily adjustable forward/back so it makes sharing the kayak between different height paddlers much easier, as you do not need to adjust the foot-bar.  The Evo Vanquish and Evo ONE also have a high and low pan seat option.  Please note that a pan seat requires a mounting bolt, attached to the floor, which can be included at the time of construction of your kayak or retro-fitted either by us or by an experienced fibreglass tradesperson.

Expedition Sea Kayaks (Nordkapp, Arctic Raider and Southern Light) come equipped with full pod-seats which are fantastic in that the seat itself forms a sealed bulkhead, minimising the floodable volume in the cockpit and maximising the storage area in the day-hatch behind the seat.

The Voyager AR and Touring models both come with Bumfortable Seats as standard.  Bumfortable seats are moulded foam seats and are also an option in all other kayaks.

Paddling starts from the feet

Footpedal Options

  • Pivot-on-bar - our most popular option
    Standard across all racing kayaks, no charge
  • Flaps-on-bar
    Option across all racing kayaks, no charge
  • OZO Pedals
    Option across all racing kayaks and standard for Sea Kayaks, no charge
  • Footplate extension, available for N2, Gyro, Evo
  • Padded, carbon Pull-bar

From $0.00 NZD

The best platform for an effective leg-drive comes from a solid foot-bar system, which can be chosen with either a pivot-bar or flaps on top for steering. 

The foot-bar has 5cm of vertical surface which is comfortable enough but if you would like more surface area there is an optional, 15 degree angled, carbon footplate extension which reaches to within about 1.5 cm of the floor and provides a surface area for nearly the whole foot.

For customers who appreciate the ability to push and pull from their feet to achieve even better torso rotation from their legs, a padded, carbon pull-bar can be added also.  All accessories bolt on easily to the foot-bar, will come fully assembled and attached if purchased with the kayak, and can also be easily removed.

We also offer the option of OZO pedals which are independent, plastic blocks on rails with flaps on top for steering.  OZO pedals are more quickly adjustable and are best if you are sharing the kayak among several people and are frequently adjusting for leg length.

Express yourself

Colour Options

  • Stock Colours
    White, dark red, midnight blue, pacific blue, light grey, magenta, burnt orange, dayglow green, black
  • Custom Colour Schemes
    Additional $100 - $300; POA

From $0.00 NZD

We offer a range of stock colours or we can do custom colour schemes if you have something in particular you would like.

A white hull is a very sensible option for kayaks that are likely to be exposed to a lot of underside scratching from rocks, whether you're kayaking a braided river or doing surf-landings on Fiordland beaches.  Darker colours tend to show scuffs more readily and they also attract the sun's heat so care should be taken with kayaks that have dark coloured decks - protect the paddle-strike zones with clear vinyl and don't leave it sitting in the sun on a super-hot day (leave it in the shade or turn it upside down). 

Some customers ask for Black hull and/or deck which we can do, but while we don't deny that it looks awesome, we do not encourage.  Most of our moulds are black inside so we cannot guarantee that we get even coverage when spraying the gelcoat against the inside of mould.  Also, black is the worst colour for attracting the sun's heat and showing scratches or other marks.  In general, the lighter/brighter the colour, the better it will look in the long-term.

In-boat Hydration System

In-boat Hydration System

  • Each complete system, installed

From $140.00 NZD

Our hydration systems utilise several components of the Rasdex hydration system with our own neoprene bladder protection sleeves and securing system.  The price includes installation and we can install 1 or multiple systems into your kayak.  Please take a look at the video tutorial to see how to use your In-boat Hydration System properly.

Please note that we install the system either in front of the seat/cockpit or behind the seat/cockpit depending on the shape and layout of the particular kayak.  The Reliance and Argo have the system to the rear; the Gyro, N2 and Evo range have the system to the front.  If your system is installed to the rear, we do not add the clips and bungee securing system because you will have other gear on top of the bladder to hold it securely in place.


  • Colour
  • Compatibility
    Fits all watches we have tried
  • Price (including installation at our factory)

From $195.00 NZD

The innovative WatchMount is a recessed mounting bracket for your training watch so you can secure it safely for easy viewing while paddling.  Features:

  • Spring-loaded, rotating barrel for easy adjustment to the best viewing angle
  • Barrel is also removable for easy transfer of watch between kayak and car
  • Recessed to keep your watch out of the way of hands and paddle
  • front wave deflector and clip hole for tether cord

The WatchMount can be installed to any kayak with a flat area in front of the cockpit including the N-Series (e.g. N2), Gyro and Evolution models.  The N-Series models also have a purpose-designed recess in the deck for the WatchMount, which lowers it another 5mm.  We recommend that you have the WatchMount installed by us, or other skilled composites tradespersons.