Company values

Nautique Paddle Sports NZ is strong on values.  The swirling icon in our logo, which we call the Nautique Swirl, is a simple but important part of our business.  The icon itself is inspired by a combination of the Celtic symbol for earth, sea and sky and the Mangopare, Maori symbol of two hammerhead sharks symbolising many of our company values - strength, agility, tenacity, determination and courage.  At another level, the Nautique Swirl also symbolises another important part of our values - "what goes around, comes around", speaking of integrity and honesty.  That, to us, is Nautique Paddle Sports NZ.

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Meet The Nautique Family

Nautique Paddle Sports NZ is owned and operated by Rikki Griffin, Paul Gow and David Galbraith.  The Nautique Family is also incredibly proud to include our athletes, Dougal Allan, Oliver Thompson, Fiona Dowling and Rebecca Kingsford, all extremely talented paddlers and great humans.

Dougal is very well known among the Multisport and Triathlon communities.  An exceptional endurance athlete and coach with a penchant for laying down record cycle times, Dougal has many notable results in his career so far, including wins at Challenge Wanaka, Motatapu Xterra, Rebull Defiance, Crazyman, Augusta Adventure Fest, Goldrush and Coast to Coast.

Oliver is a younger, though also very talented multisporter who comes from a K1 racing background.  Already Oli has completed some tough adventure racing and multisport events with admirable results, such as Godzone, Redbull Defiance and a win in the 2-day Coast to Coast. It's a real pleasure to watch Oli in a kayak.

Fiona, aside from being an absolute rocket on the race course with plenty of notable podiums in some of the biggest races such as the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest Day, is one of the nicest people you'll find in a sport full of nice people!  But don't be fooled by the facade; Fi is famous for her competitive spirit, grit and determination when the going gets tough and will often put down the fastest times at the back-end of a long race.

Rebecca recently came to Multisport racing from triathlon and bike racing and has quickly shown that she is also a powerhouse in the kayak, racing her new N2 to some very notable podium finishes in various races in her first year of paddling. Of particular note, Rebecca recently won the Peak to Peak Winter Multisport Race and the Twizel Hard Labour weekend, showing that she is a new force to be reckoned with on the Multisport scene.  We also love the fun and positive vibes that RK brings to the party.

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Athlete, Christchurch Representative and Great Human

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Athlete and Great Human

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